Our programs are designed to provide students with exposure to a wide variety of activities while honing in on one specific area of study for 3 blocks each day. Canadian residents or advanced English speakers take 3 blocks of the camp they choose as their theme camp mixed with 3 blocks of recreational stations.


International students receive 3-4 blocks of classroom English language instruction per day mixed with 2-3 blocks of recreational stations with local youth. At the time of registration you will be asked to indicate whether the registrant will be taking day camp programs or English language classes during his/her stay(exceptions: Intensive or Med School Programs).



Every year we review all our tours, adding new ones and upgrading our classics. The following tour descriptions apply to this summer’s tours. Not all tours are scheduled for each Program.


Our summer staff are extremely well-qualified and highly trained specifically for our boarding programs in areas such as first aid and behaviour management.  Most of our staff return for multiple years and their enthusiasm for our programs is contagious!