U-bicycle is officially in Richmond!

U-bicycle finally launched in Richmond last October, so watch out for our green bikes! We currently have 15 U-bicycle dropzone stations in Richmond as indicated in the map below.

richmond sign.png

Users can pick up and return the bike in any of these 15 dropzones.

Parking within ANY U-bicycle dropzone stations is MANDATORY to end your trip, otherwise, you would continue to be charged. 

Port Coquitlam Sign 12_18 (2)-1.jpg

U-bicycle Parking Sign

All U-bicycle Parking Stations are indicated by U-bicycle Parking Signs. Our signs include the locations of the other stations in Richmond. It also include a "How to Use" guide for first time users. You can pick up and drop off the bikes by our U-bicycle Parking Sign.


Here is an example of how U-bicycle signs will look like at the designated stations.

Port Moody - Rocky Point Park.jpg
Port Moody - Queen's Plaza.jpg

If you would like more U-bicycle designated stations that will provide more convenience for Richmond residents, please let us know where! We would love to hear your recommendations so we can improve our service.

You can contact us at info@u-bicycle.com.